Cisco Snmp Tool is a Freeware Cisco Configuration Management Application.


After Version 2.0 ,there is a map interface which supports visual design of your network. Program can be used at LAN and WAN networks. But never forget to increase timeout and retry values at WAN networks. Typically 2000ms timeout and 2 retry  values are enough for both LAN and WAN applicaitons.


Please Contact Me if you find any bugs.

  • Cisco Configuration Download. (startup or running)
  • Cisco Configuration Upload. (startup or running)
  • Device reset and Write NVRAM execution.
  • Telnet and Ping Device Function.
  • Nat Support. (If you are behind a firewall type NAT address)
  • Easy Network Design.
  • Realtime Device Up/Down Monitoring. (for now just ping method is used)
  • Syslog and Debug Console. 
  • Device Info Tool with CDP view.
  • Cisco Config View Tool.

Cisco Snmp Tool 2.1